If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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A Child in Nicaragua Needs Your Love!

When you sponsor a child, you'll be their Light of the World. Your light will shine in the darkness of poverty. You will help a child overcome extreme poverty through God and Education. 

Education. Graduation. Salvation.

Your support of $50 per month provides life-changing opportunities such as:

  • an opportunity to attend a private christian school
  • school uniforms
  • nourishing and healthy food at the school
  • key life skills and vocational programs
  • individual care, counseling, and attention through our school psychologists on staff
  • opportunities to be involved in the various programs that the foundation offers which includes our art program, agriculture program, sports program, literacy program, dance program, and music program
  • and most important, opportunities to hear the gospel

We Have a Dream.

We  have a dream that one day each child in all the developing countries around the world would have a chance to know God and receive an education. We dream of the day that each child could have the "golden key" out of poverty, which is an opportunity to graduate and reach their God given potential in life.  Allow God to give you a dream in providing a child an opportunity to move one step closer to Christ.

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Sponsor a Child Today!

Jasser Lopez Hernandez


Waiting 485+Days and Counting

Birthday: June 6, 2006

Child ID: FCNICR0071

Jasser is in the 6th grade, and his favorite subject is P.E. He likes to play soccer, and he aspires to be a boxer. He lives with his mom, and step-dad. He has 7 siblings, but doesn't live with any of them. His house is made out of corrugated iron, and his best friend is Derling. His mom is a stay at home mom, and his dad is a security officer. We ask you to consider being the Light of the World to Jasser so that he continues on his studies

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Jimmy Efrain Enrique


Waiting 485+Days and Counting

Birthday: May 27, 2004

Child ID: FCNICR0086

Jimmy is in the 8th grade and his favorite subject is language. He likes to play soccer and baseball. In his free time, he likes to draw. He lives with his grandma, and two siblings. He has a cat named Blackie. We ask you to consider being the Light of the World to Jimmy. 

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