Why Travel with FundaCristo?


What makes FundaCristo Different?

FundaCristo is a Christian based organization and a leader in addressing poverty through God and Education. We offer short-term mission trips as a tool to create a relationship with sponsors and partners in Nicaragua.  A lot of the time relationship building happens through photos, letters and prayers but we love when it happens in person! We are not a short-term mission organization doing community development. We are an organization that focuses on helping communities transform with education — and short-term mission trips, when done well, help fuel transformation in a community.


You will Experience:

  • A rich and diverse culture full of different foods, sounds, and experiences.
  • Visit the homes of children and families whose lives are being transformed
  • Meet the FundaCristo staff and teachers who make a daily difference in the lives of children
  • Be immersed in the lives of children we serve — you will play games, share meals, give hugs and live life with these precious children!
  • Serve a meal to children at a center, fulfill a practical need within the school or community center
  • A sponsor outing with one-on-one with your sponsored child
  • Be challenged to understand a world outside of yourself that opens your heart and mind to your role as a sponsor, and volunteer with FundaCristo


Go! On a FundaCristo Mission Trip

Taking an international mission trip to Nicaragua lets you see the world through God’s eyes. You’ll gain a fresh perspective about the work God does in local communities that we serve and that new view will make you more aware of the different cultures and misperceptions about where you’re serving. With a deeper insight, you’ll return home
transformed. Plus, you’ll grow closer to Jesus through acts of service and get to know him more deeply.

Mission Trips usually cost $1800 per person, which includes travel and in-country costs. For instance:

  • all airfare
  • in-country hotel costs
  • in-country transportation costs from buses to in-country flights
  • in-country meals
  • fun day venue costs and visits to any tourist attractions
  • travel insurance
  • sponsorship outing day
  • fun day