Communication With My Sponsored Child


How can I communicate with my sponsored child?

We encourage you to send your sponsored child photos of you and your family, and letters. Our staff will translate your letter and deliver it to your child. Sponsored children usually keep their sponsor's letters in their homes as treasured possessions. You are welcomed to write to your child as often as you want. When you write to your child he or she will know that someone else cares. Your words will make a difference to your child. The more you write to your child the more he or she will reap the benefits of your relationship.

Where do I send my letters to?

You can send your letters and photos to us at or you can send it to our address in the United States at:

FundaCristo Missions International

7301 Ranch Road 620 N, Suite 155 #375, Austin, TX 78726

*Note Your Child will receive his or her letter faster via email.

How often will my child write?

Your sponsored child will write to you four times a year. We encourage you to write to your sponsored child as often as you would like. The children love to receive letters from their sponsor.

Gifts for my Sponsored Child


What can I send my sponsored child?

As a sponsor, you have many opportunities to communicate with the child you sponsor and we encourage that relationship. When you are communicating with him or her, we ask you to provide content with the Christian values that we share. We will not forward materials that promote alcohol, tabacco, unlawful drugs, and materials that are related unsafe. We will not forward material that advocate another religious worldview. Please contact us before sending to make sure that it meets our standards and requirements. 

How do I send?

  • You can give online by credit card
  • You can give your credit card information to a Sponsor Relations Representative by calling
    (769) 241-1999
  • You can give by check.
    If you choose to send a check, please make it out to FundaCristo Missions International: 7301 Ranch Road 620 N, Suite 155 #375, Austin, TX 78726
    Please remember to include your sponsor number on the check. Additional information, such as the child's number and the purpose of the gift (i.e., birthday, Christmas, graduation, etc.), should be included on an attached note to ensure proper handling.

How much can I give?

You can give up to $200 a year to your sponsored child  a $100 Birthday Gift and a $100 Christmas Gift and an additional $1,000 to the family. You can also give a graduation gift of up to $200 for pre-school, 6th grade, and high school graduation.

If you would like to give more than appears in the drop-down for Additional Giving you can. Please call a Sponsor Relations Representative at
(769) 241-1999

Why does FundaCristo restrict amount of giving?

We restrict the size of monetary gifts to avoid creating opportunities for dependence, and to avoid  jealousy within the community, which could place a child and his or her family at risk.

Our goal is to stop the cycle of poverty that stalks families from one generation to the next, and we do this by equipping children with the skills they need to be successful through education.

Do I have to give a gift to the child I sponsor?

No, you do not have to give gifts to your child or his family. But if you choose to do so, it will be:

  • a memorable experience for the child and his or her family.
  • a tangible expression of your love.
  • a way to strengthen your relationship with the child.
  • and a way to meet a need in the family's life.

What if I still have questions?

If you have additional questions about giving gifts, please contact one of our Sponsor Relations Representatives at
(769) 241-1999 Monday through Friday, 8a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or