Child Sponsorship Questions

How long will my child sponsorship last?

Our Child Sponsorship Program offers you the opportunity to stay with a child  through high school graduation, and an opportunity to help in advancement studies. While we hope that you will be able to continue your support of your sponsored child until he or she graduates, we recognize that circumstances sometimes change. You may discontinue your child sponsorship by emailing us and explaining your situation.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

If you choose to sponsor a child, the cost is only a tax-deductible of $50 per month.   


Why does it cost more to sponsor a child with FundaCristo than similar child sponsorship programs?

You are providing your sponsored child a formal private christian education. Our mission and vision is that your sponsored child knows God, graduates, and reaches their God given potential. We have learned that the only way out of poverty is with God, and a diploma in hand.

What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?

Your sponsored child will receive a formal private christian education to defeat illiteracy and unlock future opportunities, nutrition and food to protect against malnutrition, one-on-one support from caring staff who believe in them, the opportunity to hear God's life-changing love for them, life skills to equip them for a bright future, safe places to play that help protect them against danger and violence, by sponsoring a child, you will join us in believing children should be released from poverty, and remembering You Are the Light of the World. 

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I'm helping?

Yes. The child you're helping has just one sponsor: You Are the Light of the World. Your prayers, letters and support mean so much to your sponsored child. Even if you choose to sponsor a child as a family or a group (for example, a youth group or a Sunday school class), the child you help will still be relating to your family or group as his or her only sponsor. No other group or individual will also sponsor the child you help.

What is a FundaCristo sponsor?

A sponsor is someone like you who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child in need. As a sponsor, you enable your sponsored child to attend a private christian school that offers life-changing benefits including help with:

  • formal private christian education
  • participation in various programs 
  • developing their God given potential
  • christian development 

And more than this, you can help your sponsored child develop a sense of confidence and self-worth with the love you express through letters and prayers.

As a sponsor, you are assured that there is a real connection between you and the specific child you support.