GoBuild the Basketball Court!

Cover the Basketball Court @Entheos Dream Center

 Every day over 350 children play on their basketball court at the Jehovah Jireh School. We need your help to make the conditions of the basketball complex a healthy environment where the kids can‘t play during the hot and rainy season in Nicaragua.  The current conditions of the basketball is an ‘open’ environment where it hindrance the opportunity for the children to play, during the rainy season, or extreme heat. That is why we need your help in covering the basketball court. This complex will be a blessing not just for the children, but inclusive for visitors and mission teams. 

Build a Legacy, in Jesus Name.

Build a Legacy with us in Nicaragua, in Jesus Name.


You will be the hands and feet of a local private christian school. This community is located outside of a ltrash-dump site, where the majority of the families make less than $2 a day, or $700 a year. The high school graduation rate in this community is  6%, but we are changing those numbers with the help of God and you. When you arrive, you come alongside the efforts of FundaCristo for a long-lasting impact. You will be joining us in building the cover for the basketball court.

You will Experience:

  • A rich and diverse culture full of different foods, sounds, and experiences.
  • A community full of opportunities to love on His children
  • Visit the homes of children and families whose lives are being transformed at the Center
  • Meet the FundaCristo staff and teachers who make a daily difference in the lives of children
  • Be immersed in the lives of children we serve — you will play games, share meals, give hugs and live life with these precious children!
  •  Fulfill a practical need within the school by rebuilding the kitchen
  • A one-on-one experience with your sponsored child
  • Be challenged to understand a world outside of yourself that opens your heart and mind to your role as a sponsor, and volunteer with FundaCristo

Build a Legacy, in Jesus Name.

Trip Details

Trip Type: International  

Trip Type: Service of Building the cover for the basketball court @ Entheos Dream Center

Trip Length:7 days

Dates: TBD

Location: Cristo Rey, Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Cost: $1,900 Per Person

Total Estimated Project Cost to Completion: $45,000

Team Size Needed: 12-14

Tentative Schedule

Saturday Travel to your destination city and transfer to your lodging for the first night.

Sunday Experience worship in a different culture and get to know the ministry partner.

Monday Begin service project

Tuesday Continue to serve.

Wednesday Free day to explore Nicaragua

Thursday Keep serving and Field Trip Day

Friday Complete your project.

Saturday Journey home.

What does my cost cover?

GoBuild the Basketball Court mission cost will be $1900 per person, which includes travel and in-country costs. For instance:

  • all airfare
  • in-country hotel costs
  • project cost 
  • in-country transportation costs 
  • in-country meals
  • fun day venue costs and visits to any tourist attractions
  • travel insurance
  • sponsorship outing day

Additional Information Regarding this Project

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